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How our SEO audit services work

Our website SEO audit services begin with an overall analysis of your website (and your website analytics) to assess what action is needed to best optimize it for search engines. Our SEO audit services are 100% transparent and analyze your site’s technical, on-page, and off-page SEO.

Based on this analysis, FFITBD offers recommendations for improving your website to boost your overall search engine rankings.

These recommendations may include, but are not limited to:

The factors affecting your SEO

The on-page factors

Why doesn’t a website rank well if it’s attractive and has a lot to offer?FFITBD will identify these on-page ranking barriers and recommend the necessary changes with our SEO auditing services. Identifying and fixing these on-page factors can have a significant, immediate, and positive impact on your rankings.

The off-page factors

Other factors affecting your organic search positions are referred to as off-page factors. Off-page factors make up almost 80% of search engines’ ranking algorithms, making accurate off-page analysis critical. These factors are mainly focused on links — the number of links you have, the anchor text used, and where these links are placed.

The server files affecting

Several files on your server — like .htaccess, robots.txt, and sitemap.xml, to name a few — that dictate how search engines access and index your content. Optimizing these files to be configured appropriately can significantly impact your rankings. HTTP headers, 404 error pages, and page load times also affect SEO traffic.

Our Deep SEO Audit Process

Technical Audit

We start with a technical SEO audit of your site and figure out all the pages with error codes. We correct pages with faulty, long, and missing meta tags, images with missing alt tags, images with larger file sizes, duplicate meta titles, server errors, etc.

Content Audit

We check every significant page and blog post on your website in this step. We analyze the keywords to know if it has the right intent, then list out GSV and word count. By doing this, we can figure out which content has the potential to rank higher.

Website Keyword Audit

We will do very in-depth keyword research and prepare high-ranking keywords for you. Figure out the opportunities with rankable keywords and Categorize all the keyword opportunities based on intents, which will help better plan overall content.

Customer Journey Mapping

Once we research, list out all your potential keywords, and map out content, we start to map out your customer’s journey. We determine keywords from awareness, interest, consideration, and conversion stage.

Content Flow Plan

It is common for businesses to post articles all over the web for backlinks without actually planning their content flow. Each of your business’s pieces should link back to another. We will analyze your existing content and show you how it should be processed.

Revenue Forecast

We will categorize your opportunities into keyword groups and show you which groups have the most revenue potential. It helps you understand if your SEO investment is right or wrong.

Websites SEO Health

We'll perform a very detailed SEO health analysis to determine the amount of effort you will need to hit your revenue target. To ensure we use the most accurate data, we test the website using different industry-leading tools and manually check the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed everything for our customers. Still, if you find any doubt, you can connect with us via Email or Social Media Network. Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

An SEO audit is the process of analyzing a website to identify issues that affect its organic visibility in search engines like Google. SEO auditors analyze a variety of factors as part of an SEO audit, including crawlability, on-page SEO elements, off-page SEO, keyword placement, duplicate content issues, and user experience across all devices and browsers. All of these factors are compiled and organized into an audit document for consumption by the business owner or marketing manager. SEO audits can just be a list of issues but often includes a proposal from the SEO auditor to complete the work.

An SEO Audit will help your business make informed decisions about SEO. If you are considering professional SEO services, we recommend getting an SEO audit from each company you are considering. Many companies will offer a free basic SEO audit at no charge or a more detailed audit at a discounted rate.

The amount of time required for an SEO audit is unique to each website. On average the auditing process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. There are two primary factors that influence how long the audit will take. The first factor is the size of your website. Really large websites require lengthy audits because there are more pages to analyze and make considerations around. There are also more complex considerations around how to structure the website and the main navigation as there are a large number of pages to include. This also applies to analyzing which pages should remain on the site, redirected to another page, or redesigned with updated copy. The second consideration that increases the amount of time an SEO audit requires is the quality of your website. If you have a very low quality website the SEO audit will require a significant number of recommendations and updates which can increase the amount of time the audit will take.

Our SEO audit begins with an in-depth review of your website architecture and code. This review process makes us discover the underlying potential of your website. Our detailed on-page review validates if your web pages have all the key elements of an optimized page. Simultaneously, the off-page SEO review analyzes your brand’s online footprint to understand if it offers an optimal experience for prospects and search engine crawlers.

A technical SEO audit pays close attention to the technical aspects of your website, including:

  • Site architecture
  • URL structure
  • Crawlability/indexation
  • Internal linking
  • Accessibility
  • Coding fluency and efficiency
  • .htaccess files
  • 301 Redirects
  • Image and content delivery
  • Sitemaps
  • Robots.txt files.

Local SEO Services are for businesses focused on keyword rankings in a specific location or region. A Local SEO audit will analyze your website’s organic visibility as it pertains to a specific region. A Local SEO audit will focus on things like your Google Business profile, placement on Google Maps, and external links and citations.

Enterprise SEO services are SEO services for large organizations and corporations. Typically enterprise-level websites are much larger and more complicated than small-business websites. An Enterprise SEO audit is an in-depth evaluation of all known factors affecting an enterprise website’s ability to rank. An enterprise SEO audit should leave no stone unturned in identifying potential SEO opportunities for your business. 

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