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What Is Content Writing?

Engage Your Target Audience and Foster Trust

As more companies turn to online marketing and compete on digital platforms, many businesses also struggle to gain traction for their brand and stay ahead of the curve. Showcase your industry knowledge and rise above this saturated digital marketplace through effective content writing and consistent content marketing efforts.

Content writing is mapping out ideas and developing website content that meets search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines. Websites require quality SEO content to represent their brand or services best. If you want your site to showcase your positive brand image and achieve your sales goals, you must produce descriptive, original, understandable, and SEO-friendly content.

But not only that: You should also enhance your content marketing efforts to capture your audience’s attention and move prospects through your sales funnel.

Improve Content Performance

Good content is one thing, but excellent online content is another.

How do you define great content? Yes, it should be well-written and addictively readable, and it should hit home for its intended audience.

But it should also convert like crazy. After all, that’s the point of content creation for us, the marketers.

The good news is that high-performing content for us is helpful for them, our readers.

To reach this win-win, let’s look at what you can do to take your content from good to great, from “just OK” to high-powered, high-performing, and massively successful.

1. Use keywords based on the target audience’s search intent

If you want your content to perform better to hit your goals, you need to scoop up the right traffic. Huge traffic numbers mean zilch if not one of those people takes your desired action after clicking your link and consuming your content.

To funnel traffic that will translate into high performance and conversions, understand how your targets are searching and which keywords they’re using.

According to Practical Ecommerce, there are four types of search intent – navigational, informational, investigational, and transactional.

2. Make your headlines irresistible AND helpful

High-performing content starts with a high-powered, irresistible headline that makes people want to read more.

You may have read about formulas and tools to help you craft headlines proven to perform better. But what about your headline’s usefulness factor?

Does your headline accurately describe the content piece and let readers know what they’re in for if they keep reading? Or does your headline use sneaky hyperbole and clickbait tactics to mislead readers?

Does your headline set up realistic expectations for the content? Or does it ultimately let your audience down?

Your content should build trust with the reader, but you can’t do that if you start with a headline that stretches the truth or neglects essential information.

3. Improve your writing flow

After you hook them with your headline, what keeps readers moving through your content piece?

There are a few things, but how well the writing flows is a big one. How well do you carry your readers along your content river? How easy is it to follow you from point to point, line to line, and paragraph to paragraph?

Plenty of content creators makes their readers lose interest (or just plain get lost) along the way because they create unnecessary hurdles such as:

  • Paragraphs that are too long
  • Awkward paragraph breaks and split-up thoughts
  • A tone that is too formal or stilted
  • Content that loses sight of the audience (e.g., too technical or simplistic)
  • Content that rambles without providing any value

Avoid these mistakes and aim to improve your flow.

4. Include relevant, interesting images to illustrate your points

The power of images in your content should be blatantly obvious, given that we’re a visually oriented society.

BuzzSumo analyzed over 1 million articles to see how many images were shared. Then it looked at the top shared ones to find telling trends.

It turns out articles with images peppered in every 75 to 100 words got twice as many shares as articles with fewer images.

5. Create an utterly clickable CTA

High-performing online content ultimately inspires action. Of course, you can’t get readers to act unless you give them an opportunity. It should come in the form of a call to action – a link in your content that directs readers on what to do after they’re done reading.

CTAs come in many forms, but the best ones – the ones found in high-performing content – are utterly clickable:

  • They are tied into the content. Clicking the CTA should feel like a natural progression.
  • They use full and persuasive wording (think powerful action verbs) that makes readers want to click.
  • They are enticing – a graphic, a button, or linked action words in the CTA sentence.

Our Promise to you

Content Rules is a reliable, trustworthy partner that delivers complete, high-quality content services on time and within budget.
When working with Content Rules, you won’t need to go anywhere else.

Content Strategy

We create strategies for intelligent content and structured authoring to help you maximize the value of your content.

Global Content Strategy

We guide you through the process of organizing, managing, creating, and delivering content to your global customers.

Content Transformation

We transform your existing content to make it reusable and compatible with the latest content management and publishing technologies.

Content Development

We develop the high-quality content you need, when you need it, with a reliable network of experienced content developers.

Content Optimization

We optimize your content so that it maintains your corporate standards and is clear and consistent for better, faster translations.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed everything for our customers. Still, if you find any doubt, you can connect with us via Email or Social Media Network. Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Whether you’re a small business looking to scale or any established enterprise, you don’t make any business decisions on a whim. We get that. So when it comes to considering whether our content marketing team is a good fit for your organization, you’re going to need to see some proof of our credentials.

Our content marketing agency works closely with you to develop content ideas, topics, and resources for your customers and would-be target buyers to read, learn from, and share. Developing topics that spark interest and garners traffic enables growth and recognition. Content marketing for business growth starts with accurate keyword research. We’ll get to know your company and our content development agency will help identify keywords to include in your content that will help boost your visibility.
Once we have all of the information needed to improve your site, we’ll get to work on the updates and modernizations necessary. That includes providing optimization recommendations. It includes creating or updating title tags, meta descriptions, and header content that incorporates SEO properly to help your website to rank better. We also make body content enhancements to improve the way your content flows – but also how the search engines rank it.

One of the best components of the content marketing services we offer falls into the building of brand new content for your website. We can create high-quality content service pages that lay out the services you offer, providing you with SEO-focused but also informative content your readers need to have. 

As a content marketing agency our services also include creating and posting blogs and articles. This is where keyword research helps to create content that consumers want and need to read. The content answers the questions they are asking and you want them to view your content as helpful and valuable. Our team works on product descriptions as well, creating enticing, fresh, and innovative descriptions that appease both the customer looking to buy and the search engines looking for ranking insight. 

Content marketing services offer benefits such as creating true customer engagement and connections with a specific target audience. Used properly, it can help to encourage customers to visit websites and blogs, check out products, and make purchases. It also drives traffic to websites, improves conversions, and generates improved business outcomes. Having a professional content marketer to support you is a necessary component to building a successful business online.

One component of a content marketing system is including keywords into the content to meet SEO goals. However, this is just one part of the process. It’s also important to create content that stands out, is sharable on social media, and attracts would-be buyers. Content also builds brands and improves traffic to websites. Many strategies go into building strong content that produces results. The best content marketing service providers and content creation agencies will share the best seo content writing tips to make it happen.

Of course! All of our content creation services can be tailored to your needs and white labeled. Get in touch for special agency rates

After the three days is up, we ask you to make a choice. If the content meets or exceeds your expectations then you can accept the content and take full ownership of it.

If, for any reason, your writer did not deliver what you wanted after the revision process, you can simply reject the content and we will refund your account.

Data can in many ways be the lifeblood of outstanding content creation and digital marketing. As much as we all like to trust our guts and lean on business acumen, in reality, nothing beats quantitative data to deliver truly actionable insights.

All marketers will tell you that any piece of content which doesn’t focus on its target audience and their needs or desires is almost worthless. How, though, do you discover those needs, as well as other key details about your target demographic? By collecting and analyzing data, that’s how.

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