Review Management Services

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What Is Review Management Service?

To understand review management services we need to first unpack what exactly review management is and why it should matter to all business owners.

Review Management

A good review has the power to convince your target audience to engage with you. It sets your customer’s expectations correctly, guides their decision, and assures that their hard-earned money won’t go to waste. Review management or online reputation management is all about improving the quantity and quality of your online reviews to create a sales-focused online presence for your business. To reap the benefits of online review management, you need a system to manage online reviews effectively.

Review Management Services

The scope of online review management is often underestimated. Review management services cover all reviews on various platforms – independent review sites, eCommerce marketplaces, social media, search engines, blogs, forums, and more. Review management companies commonly manage online reviews from more than 100 review sites. A review management service helps you stay on top of your online review strategy while working on your core business.

Benefits of Online Review Management Services

All businesses need an online review management strategy to stay competitive. However, every business is at a different stage in its lifecycle and faces unique challenges. For instance, a new business inevitably starts at zero reviews and needs help from there. An established company might be looking to get ahead of its closest competitor. Another business might need help dealing with consecutive negative feedback.

A review management service meets you where you are – and investing in a team to manage reviews is worth it. “Improving your review score on Google, Yelp and other prominent review sites leads to an increase in revenue. Studies show improving your star rating on Yelp by one star results in a 6-9 percent revenue growth,” said Tim Clarke, Senior Reputation Manager at Rize Reviews. In other words, you miss out on significant potential sales without an online review strategy.

How online review management services improve your sales:

1. Builds Credibility

Online reviews serve as social proof for your potential customers – they feel they can trust you because others previously have. More than 80 percent of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations (BrightLocal). Your reviews reveal your positive selling history and build your credibility as a legitimate and reliable business.

2. Improves Online Visibility

A search engine aims to deliver the best and most relevant content to its users. And part of delivering quality content is ensuring your brand is trustworthy. Online reviews are ranking signals that tell search engines you are worth displaying high on search results. Reviews are critical to a successful local search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

3. Boosts Sales

Because great reviews build trust and improve your search rankings, your business is in a prime position to win customers. When you pay attention to your online reviews, you reduce friction in your customer journey by making them hesitate less and inch closer to taking your desired action. You increase your sales when more of your potential customers choose to engage with you.

How To Get Reviews the Right Way

Banned review generation practices can get you penalized by search engines and regulatory bodies. Google prohibits reviewing your own business, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has strict rules against fake and paid reviews. Always comply with review generation policies to manage online reviews the right way. Placing your trust in review management companies is the answer to how to get reviews easily, honestly, and quickly.

Here’s what you can expect from the top online review management companies:

Technology and Automation

While an online review management software streamlines your review generation process, you need a reliable review management expert to set up your automation and oversee its progress. Another valuable tool you should have is a review widget installed on your website to display your positive reviews on your home page.

Fully-Managed Services

You need to spend your time doing what you do best. Getting the help of fully-managed review management services means you can focus on your core business while leaving online reputation management to the experts.

Reliable Customer Support

Having a successful online review strategy requires meticulous planning and attention-to-detail. You can rely on a reputation management company to monitor your reviews closely, to inform you of urgent action needed and assist you with your review management concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed everything for our customers. Still, if you find any doubt, you can connect with us via Email or Social Media Network. Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Freedom Fighter IT has a proven track record of helping businesses to build their brand and credibility through effective review management services. We understand that reputation is critical for the success of the business and hence are committed to making a difference through our services.


Our proven review management strategies help in nurturing positive online reviews. Freedom Fighter IT is a leading Review management company and offers a wide range of services that offer effective online review management. Through our services, we :

  1. Identify & Promote USPs: We conduct extensive research of your business and identify the USPs that resonate with the customers. We then actively engage with them in providing feedback. This helps to gain more positive online reviews.
  2. Develop your SEO Strategy: Our expertise as an SEO Agency helps to identify the scope of enhancing the SEO potential and develop a custom SEO strategy that can deliver on it.
  3. Enhance your Social Media Presence: Freedom Fighter IT has earned the reputation as a leading Digital Marketing Agency. We use this expertise and experience in boosting your presence on social media by taking advantage of your positive online reviews and also to leverage on SM presence to gain more reviews.
  4. Saving up on Resources: Our holistic services ensure that there is a minimal effort of time and resources from your end, as we take charge of review management of your business. This allows you to focus on your core operations.
  5. Increase your revenue: There is scope for customers to spend 31 % more on businesses with higher positive reviews. Freedom Fighter IT has the experience, tools, and resources to develop a cohesive strategy that can boost positive reviews of your business which can translate to leads and revenue.


Online Review Management can be summed up as the process of monitoring, auditing, analyzing, responding and identifying ways to generate more reviews across various platforms including online review sites, which can help in boosting the online reputation of the business and help the business gain more organic traffic, thereby increase their sales and revenues.

This is a key component of a Business’s Reputation Management strategy. Research indicates that 72 % of customers are more likely to read reviews before making a purchase decision. Hence whether it is a large enterprise or a small business, online review management plays a key role in promoting the business.

Review Management services entail the involvement of different services, including – SEO services, Social media Management, Digital marketing, etc. 

Research indicates that there is potential for the business to increase its revenue by 5-9 % for every 1-star improvement in the ratings. Generating more positive reviews helps in attracting new customers, thereby increasing the revenues.

More than 90 % of the customers say that they are turned off by negative reviews of a business and impacts their decision. Review Management Services can help deal organically with these negative reviews and mitigate any negative impact they might have on the business reputation.

Online Review Management might not be solely responsible for enhancing the business over the longer run, but they form an indispensable part in the reputation management strategy.

Different strategies are implemented to attract more business reviews. The intent is to identify organic means that encourage customers to provide reviews of their experience with your business.


  1. Make the process simple for the customers to provide feedback. Providing a link that is visible and accessible, easy navigation, short precise questions, etc. can help customers to be willing to provide a review.
  2. Following up with the customers to provide online reviews can act as a gentle push towards them, providing the review. Ensure that the follow-up process is not aggressive. 
  3. A simple questionnaire, with mostly “Yes” & “No” responses.
  4. Responding to customer reviews communicates the intent that you are listening and encourages others to provide feedback.
  5. A presence on various online review sites, which makes it easier for the customers to provide feedback.

Quality of the reviews helps in encouraging the customers to reach out to your business. Studies indicate that it is not the volume of reviews but the content in them which drives the customers.

Encouraging the customers to provide prescient reviews and having a template which can attract such responses, helps in generating quality reviews.

Responding to customer reviews can help to mitigate the impact of any negative review and can also pave the way for further reviews. Such interactions can also help to spot any fake negative reviews, and those reading the reviews would be able to ascertain the open nature of your interaction.

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