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Lead Generation Services for Growing Your Business

The essential part of any marketing strategy is generating qualified leads. Getting your target audience into your sales funnel is vital to making sales and earning new customers and clients, which is why many businesses invest in lead generation services from Freedom Fighter IT.

With our lead gen services, including call, lead, and revenue tracking, your company can generate website traffic and turn that traffic into valuable information and revenue.

Start reaching and generating high-value leads with our B2B lead generation services. Contact us online today to speak with a strategist, or keep reading to learn more about our online lead generation services and the best lead generation strategies!

How do we Generate Leads?

Lead Generation is our specialty, but it starts with you. We take your unique business and understand your needs.

We tailor a marketing strategy to get the most effective return on investment.

We provide you with a personal touch, achieving the leads you need within the budget you allocate – increasing the quality, quantity, and sales conversion.

If you’d like to learn more about our lead generation services, do not hesitate to contact us.

Digital or online lead generation requires an elaborate range of campaigns, techniques, and strategies, which differ for each platform. These digital activities must complement each other, from your website to paid search. We have the know-how to tie it all together and maximize your investment with minimum waste.

While Social Media can create desire and the idea of buying something you hadn’t thought of, search engine advertising can place your brand, products, and services in front of potential customers who have never heard of you; people who may be looking for your competitors, or trying to find out what they should buy and where to buy it from. The biggest search engine in the UK is Google (86% users), followed by Microsoft’s Bing (10% users). PPC stands for Pay Per Click. When marketing people speak about this, they refer to Google Ads or Bing Ads on search engine results pages (SERPs). Google gets around 3.5 billion web searches per day, making it a real contender for any ad campaign. A PPC campaign is a highly targeted way of reaching the end-user with adjustable budgets, target keywords, and other technical factors. The goal here is to get people to visit your website instead of competitors’.

B2B sales and marketing is a particular business model that requires a slightly different approach. At FFITBD, we have found that organic SEO campaigning is the top resource for capturing business leads. Your website then performs better in search engines. At the same time, your website can start to facilitate more intelligent and rewarding email marketing and social media campaigns, and you may see a reduction in your PPC spending.

We can target individual user groups with highly effective visual marketing campaigns to generate interest that develops into sales leads. Facebook Ads allows you to talk to your target audience in the comfort of their own home, with significantly cost-effective messages that help you gain brand awareness and ultimately market share with advertising from as little as £1/day, along with complete reporting tools and their incredible algorithm helping you to improve with each advert in your campaign. They also have clever little things like links to your website, which feed future ads on Facebook to people who have visited your website in the past. The goal here is to create a share-of-mind and develop a desire for the products and services you offer.

Twitter uses an automated system called ‘Twitter Lead Gen Cards, which allows you to generate leads directly within a tweet without leaving the site. A username, email address, and Twitter username are automatically pulled into the card, giving you prospects to follow up with. While the audience is potentially smaller than Facebook’s, the communication style allows for a different tact and opens up another world of opportunity. The goal here is to create a share-of-mind and develop a desire for the products and services you offer.

Get qualified leads with qualified lead generation services

You want to earn qualified, high-value leads, and that’s what our competent lead generation services do. As your partner, we help your business use the channels that offer your company the most value and highest quality leads so that you can close more sales and earn more revenue.

Learn more about our lead generation services now:

PPC Advertising Services

Get immediate access to your ideal lead with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising — where you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Target bottom-of-the-funnel searches to attract valuable leads away from competitors and to your website.

Content Marketing Services

Attract and nurture qualified leads with helpful content, like blog posts and online guides, that moves them from the top to the bottom of the funnel. Plus, get a constant return on investment from this evergreen content.

ABM Marketing Services

Take a hyper-targeted approach to lead generation with ABM marketing. Target specific accounts with paid ads, email marketing campaigns, and more to turn these high-value leads into loyal clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed everything for our customers. Still, if you find any doubt, you can connect with us via Email or Social Media Network. Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Lead generation services use digital marketing strategies like SEO, content marketing, and PPC to attract, nurture, and generate leads for your business. Top lead gen services will focus on generating qualified vs. unqualified leads.

We will have to recover or back up these data once you face any kind trouble from our hard work.

Sure, we can! All you need for such a thing is our email database and an email marketing tool such as Mailchimp, the subscription for which does not cost too much.

It all depends on which service you’re talking about. Still, one thing is certain for all of them – they’re probably your most affordable choice!

Yes, definitely! You can use our database to find your ideal company based on location, business niche, and many other factors.

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