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What Is Display Advertising?

Display advertising — a form of paid advertising — is one of the most popular types of online marketing. A visual-based means of promoting your brand, display advertising refers to ads on websites, apps, and social media platforms.

Display ads can take various forms, including:

To start using display marketing, you have to work with a display ad network to reach customers.

Types of Display Advertising

Effective display advertising management relies on visuals to get the campaign’s core message to the audience. The aim is to make sure that users are automatically drawn to an ad when they visit a website or a social media platform. So, here are a few different options you should experiment with when outlining your display advertising management strategy.

Banner ads

Banner ads are the most common display advertising format, as they stand out on any webpage. They are named after their shape, which is banner-like. They are nothing more than hyperlinked, image-based ads in the form of a strip. They are usually placed on the top of a webpage to draw the user’s attention immediately.

Rich Media

Considering that roughly 30% of Internet users find traditional banner advertising distracting, advertisers explore more innovative ways to display their ads. The use of rich media is a new tactic involving interactive elements such as video, audio, and clickable elements to make the advertisement more engaging.

Interstitial ads

These ads appear as a separate web page before you are directed to the original page you wanted to visit on the internet. They effectively capture the user’s attention as they take up the entire screen.

Video ads

When it comes to displaying advertising costs, video ads are slightly more expensive but worth it. Platforms like YouTube and Instagram have made it convenient for marketers to run video ads and attract attention and engagement.

How to measure display ad performance?

No matter what kind of marketing or advertising strategies your business invests in, you want to measure the performance of your efforts. When you take a proactive approach to campaign monitoring, you can improve and make the most of your digital display advertising.

Three metrics you want to look at when assessing your display ad performance include:


Impressions are a helpful metric for display advertising because they show how many people saw your ad. This metric can provide perspective on your audience size and click-through rate (CTR). In some cases, your business may expand your audience to broaden your audience and impressions.


In-display advertising, click-through rate earns the most attention from marketers. That’s because your CTR shows the percentage of people that clicked on your ad. This rate is less than five percent in most cases, though every industry is different. Look at your industry averages and aim for those numbers.


Conversions are another digital marketing metric to check. Your conversions tell you how many people converted. Depending on your display ad campaign, conversions may range from clicking on your ad to 1000 people viewing your ad. Use it to see how well your display ads and landing pages work together.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed everything for our customers. Still, if you find any doubt, you can connect with us via Email or Social Media Network. Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Advertising on Bing means your ads are being served on the second biggest search engine in the UK, so it’s an opportunity that many brands and businesses cannot afford to miss out on. With an audience actively searching for your product and services, it’s a great investment for businesses, not least because there is much less competition for keywords. This means lower costs for both your clicks and conversions, making it a cost-effective channel that’s perfect for investment as part of your marketing strategy.

Like most PPC ads, Bing ads are powered by keywords. We target relevant keywords based on your products, services and brand. When a user searches for one of these keywords, Microsoft will serve the most relevant ads based on a combination of ad relevance and how much you’re willing to pay. When a user clicks on your ad, they’re sent to your webpage, and you pay for the click.

Both Bing ads and Google ads are a type of PPC advertising based on keywords to help businesses reach their target audiences in order to drive increased visibility and more sales.` However, Bing ads have a different, more mature demographic compared to Google, which means that your approach to your PPC strategy needs to reflect this. Bing also allows for much more granular control of your campaigns, as well as better targeting options for different devices.

To get a strong ROI from your Bing text ads, one of your main areas of focus will be on developing compelling and engaging ad copy. Get to know your target audience and the kind of messaging that will motivate them. On top of this, you can drive even better results by layering in different targeting and bid modifiers to make sure you’re being seen by the right people at the right time.

A good Bing ad will deliver a compelling message to the right person at the right time. This means that you’ll be relying heavily on your buyer personas and your target audiences. The closer you can align your ad copy to the needs and interests of your target user, the better your ad will be.

Bing ads work really well with other PPC campaignsbecause they give you great coverage across other search engines to support your growth. As a full-service marketing agency, The Brains can also offer truly multichannel marketing campaigns to help your business grow across the full marketing mix. With an understanding of your target audience, we’ll know where your audience is spending most of their time, and so will be able to identify the other platforms that will be important for your business.

As a data-driven Microsoft Bing agency, we can guarantee that we won’t waste any of your marketing budget on a PPC strategy that we don’t believe will deliver incredible results. Our teams have had years of experience in the industry and have worked on many Bing ads campaigns, so we’ll be able to assist no matter where you want to focus your efforts.

If you want to know more about how The Brains can help develop your next Bing ads campaign to help boost revenue and increase ROI, speak to one of our experts today.

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