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Dell Rack servers w/Dual Quad Core Xeon CPUs w/64GB RAM and CloudLinux.
Code in PHP 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3, Python, Ruby, SSH and leverage MySQL Databases
The security of FTPS, the flexibility of SSH, and the convenience of mod_pagespeed.

What is a Linux server and why does your business need one?

IT organizations strive to deliver business value by increasing productivity and delivering services faster while remaining flexible enough to incorporate innovations like cloud, containers, and configuration automation. Modern workloads, whether they run on bare metal, virtual machines, containers, or private or public clouds, are expected to be portable and scalable. Supporting all this requires a modern, secure platform.

Why do You Need Linux Hosting?

Linux hosting is one among the foremost popular types available permanently reason. Despite its decades of availability, Linux remains open-source, making it cost-effective and supplying you with greater control over your website’s back-end.

Similarly, it’s open-source nature means it’s compatible with the overwhelming majority of applications and CMS tools developers got to build websites. It’s also worth keeping in mind that some Linux hosts are more generous than others with their developer toolkit, so get on the lookout for hosts that include features like 1-click script installations and GIT.

Linux hosting is additionally known for its flexibility, often supplying you with features like multiple PHP versions, different databasing options beyond MySQL, and a good sort of control panels like Plesk and cPanel.

What are the Benefits of Linux Hosting?

  • You have play to configure your back-end: this is often one among the most important benefits you get from Linux. Unlike some more restrictive operating systems, Linux gives you full control and allows you to build your website precisely the way you would like . More importantly, you’ll tweak and fine-tune areas that aren’t working how they ought to .
  • Your website is (fairly) safe from cyber-vandals: Because it’s so prevalent within the hosting world, Linux servers are given tons of security measures . this suggests that, while not completely blocked faraway from attacks, your website is probably going to be incredibly safe for as long as its online.
  • You can expect speedy load times and uptimes: Linux allows for lightweight design and applications to run smoothly thereon . The result’s a server that helps speed up loading times because of customizable caching, and reliable websites that don’t crash often.

Choose the Best Linux Web Hosting

Whether you’re building subsequent big e-commerce store or launching a revolutionary blog, you initially got to find a hosting platform which will fully accommodate your website’s needs. Open-source Linux servers empower you to make unique back and front-ends, but the servers are only one a part of the greater Linux hosting experience. We invite you to read our Linux hosting reviews to zero in on the simplest Linux web hosting solution for you

Linux VPS Features

Take full control with the dedicated resources assigned to you by getting started with a Hostwinds VPS today. We’ll have your server up and running in just minutes!
We have ensured that there is no single point of failure so that our redundant network will provide stability ready for a mission-critical agenda. Your VPS is always available whenever you need it.
We offer a real-time monitoring service for all VPS Hosting plans whereby we proactively monitor your server and automatically open a support ticket for you in the event of a technical issue.
Increase your server’s resources instantly by upgrading to the next tier of your Linux VPS plan! Upgrading is simple with Hostwinds, allowing you to scale your server based on your needs.
Hostwinds offers a nightly backups service so that your essential information is always secure. You can keep your backups for as long as you like and access them at any time!
Receive 24/7/365 technical and administrative support from our team of experts. Connect with us via Live Chat, support ticket, or phone anytime you have questions about your Linux VPS.
We deploy only the latest and greatest hardware to provide our clients with the best hosting experience possible. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure provides both speed and reliability for your VPS.

A Linux VPS includes dedicated resources such as CPU Cores, RAM, Disk Space, and Port Speeds that you can utilize anytime. Linux VPSs are more scalable than Dedicated Servers, and you can keep up with the demand of your Linux VPS resources by adding them as needed with Hostwinds Cloud Control. Hostwinds has a Cloud Server Environment available that is built with Enterprise Hardware and gives you full control of your server, configurations, and our own Cloud Control Portal. The Hostwinds Cloud Portal includes several features including but not limited to firewall, load balance, IP management, and object storage tools.

We are happy to help you migrate your content to any new service so you can get started with your Hostwinds account as soon as possible. We have helped many new clients move their Linux VPS web hosting services from other providers, and we are proud to offer this complimentary service for any new orders. Once your server is ready for use and you have submitted a migration request, our migration experts will begin with the transfer and communicate with you throughout every step of this process.

Our tiers of support include 24/7/365 support via phone, Live Chat, and support ticket. We also offer a 100% network uptime guarantee, a 100% power uptime guarantee, on-going server maintenance, and setup of automated tasks upon request. More offerings include OS updates, virus scans, mitigation of load problems or sluggishness, troubleshooting for network-related issues, assistance if a server fails else , help with hardware failures, package installations, and far more! inspect our Tiers of Support within the Hostwinds Guide for a full list.

Hostwinds offers several available application templates that are created with preconfigured software, cPanel/WHM is one of the many templates that we offer. Simply select this option on the checkout page, and be certain to also purchase a cPanel license. cPanel/WHM licenses can be ordered during the checkout process. We recommend at least 1 CPU Core, 2 GB of RAM, and 50 GB of disk space for a server to operate cPanel. For servers with high amounts of traffic, more resources should be added for the best possible web hosting experience. Adding more resources also ensures you meet the demands of your website visitors and offer them the best experience possible when they view your site.

Root access is provided for any Hostwinds Linux VPS in order that you’ve got full control over your server and should configure it however you see fit. Hostwinds believes in providing you with as many options as possible and allows you to customize your server right out of the box if you favor . you’ll also simply rise up and running with the OS installed for you. While ordering your server, you’ll choose between an outsized library of Linux versions. Hostwinds also provides you with several one-click application installation options and ISOs in your Cloud Portal, and you’re welcome to re-install any of those on your server once it’s ready to be used .

Hostwinds has built an incredibly easy-to-use Cloud Control Portal to form it faster and more convenient for you to manage your server. a number of the features include Hostwinds Cloud DNS, Firewall Management, adding and managing additional Volume storage, Snapshot creation, Load Balancers, the power to upgrade/downgrade your Virtual Machine, IP Management, the power to revive your server from a snapshot backup, Object Storage Management, server power management, a strong API, launching a VNC connection, and serial console.

You are quite welcome to upgrade your Linux VPS anytime if you would like more RAM, CPU Cores, disc space , or Bandwidth. In fact, you’ll upgrade using our predefined packages anytime through your Cloud Control Portal. Simply choose the resources you would like to upgrade your server. Once you’ve got requested it, you’ll got to apply the upgrade and ensure that you simply wish to resize your disk to implement it. Although you’re ready to build your own server and add custom resources as required , we propose employing a predefined package.

You can upload your own Linux-based ISO and create a server using the ISO of your choice. Hostwinds provides you with many ISOs with which you can deploy or re-install your server, including several versions of Linux as well as troubleshooting ISOs. We are constantly expanding the Linux options in our Cloud Portal to give our clients as many choices as possible.

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