Bug Fixing

We scan your website for vulnerabilities and malware.
We clean any hacked files, database entries and backdoors.
We update your site and harden your security.

Bug Fixes

You’re not the sole one who faces bugs. and truly , you shouldn’t be scared of them. Why? Because in software development nothing is accomplished without a couple of bugs along the way. Bugs enter code for various reasons, including human error, miscommunication, unrealistic release schedules, lack of version control, buggy third-party tools, and last-minute changes.

Bugs are often of various varieties: some are critical and really hinder your app’s functionality, while others are more inconspicuous. But regardless of which sort of bugs appears in your product, they have to be fixed.

Third-party API updates

Your web application is perhaps connected to third-party services like Twitter and Facebook. But third-party services change their APIs. When this happens, your app must be updated with new service APIs. If you don’t update it, then your web application simply won’t work.

This kind of maintenance isn’t too frequent, as hottest services like Facebook Messenger support both old and new API versions.

It usually takes 8-16 hours for programmers to update an application to support new third-party APIs.

Security patches and updates

It’s common for software and apps to update automatically. But many software still requires your help for updates. Are you uninterested in constant updates? Why are they really needed?

The purpose of updates isn’t to harass you – though which will sometimes be the result. Updates contain important changes that improve the performance, stability, and security of applications. Installing updates ensures that your software continues to run safely and efficiently. The software should be patched or updated to avoid security issues.

Implementing new functionality

New functionality is usually added because a particular feature gets really popular and you opt to expand it, or because a competitor is offering a replacement feature and you would like to stay up. When brooding about new functionality, just confine mind that more features don’t always mean a far better product.

Adding new features may be a normal process. But don’t get over excited . Stay focused on the precise problem that your product solves, and confirm that every new feature solves that problem even better. Base your new features and have modifications on user feedback to form sure that your development is occupation a direction that your customers want.

The cost of adding new functionality are going to be estimated within the same way that your initial development costs were estimated.

Bug Fixing and Maintenance Services

Website, web app or mobile application maintenance may be a process of modifying a product after delivery so as to correct faults, enhance functionality or just adapt the merchandise to a modified environment.
The first step in recovering your website is to know the breach that happened. we’ll perform a scan of all of your website files including WordPress, your themes, and plugins and check them for malicious code.
Once we scan your website and locate the malicious content, our next task is to get rid of any unwanted scripts, content, database entries, malware, backdoors and spammy links from your WordPress installation.
Your xmlrpc.php, .htaccess and wp-config.php are among the foremost important files during a WordPress website. We’ll make sure that they’re freed from nasty scripts and implement measures to make sure that they’re not exploited.
Finally, once we’ve removed any malware and malicious content, the subsequent step is to harden your website’s security in an attempt to stop further hacks from occurring. We’ll do so by installing and optimizing the WordFence security plugin.
If your website was blacklisted by Google and your visitors are being warned that your website may contain harmful content and urges them to not proceed, we’ll take the required steps to get rid of the warnings asap.
Throughout the malware removal process, your support agent will take screenshots and notes so as to supply you detailed cleanup report itemizing the things that were cleaned and measures that were implemented to guard your site.

As soon as we process your order, we’ll get to work without delay. Our target is to repair your website within a day. However, depending on the situation (e.g. blacklist removal), the task may take a little longer.

Our malware removal service is offered at $99.

If other sites on your server get infected, there is the possibility that your site will be compromised again even after performing a complete cleanup. But don’t worry, we maintain a 30 day guarantee. If your website is hacked again during the guarantee period we will clean your site free of charge!

If an internet site is compromised or blacklisted, web browsers may display a red security warning to their users when your site is accessed. Once your site is repaired, we will request a malware review within the Google search console. This process may take several days.

Apart from the apparent , there are several hints to seem out for including spammy and pharma links, redirects, unhappy users, fall in traffic and high server usage.

In order to start working on your website, we need a WordPress administrator account and your hosting account details.

Bugs are sorted first by the date modified. You can sort them by bug ID or search relevance.

You can search by any of the fields on the detail page for a private bug. this suggests you’ll use any combination of search terms, including product and release also as keywords, to perform an enquiry . you’ll also search on the precise bug report ID.

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